SS-Pz.Rgt. 5 "Wiking"

Short history of SS-Pz.Rgt. 5 "Wiking", 1942 to 1945

© Douglas Nash
(with minor corrections from Mirko Bayerl und Martin Block)

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11.2.42 Establishment of Panzer Abteilung “Reich” at WILDFLECKEN Training Area. as the first Panzer Abteilung in the Waffen SS. It’s new commander is Sturmbannführer Johannes Mühlenkamp. The bulk of officers and NCOs consists of volunteers from Division “Reich”, with recruits from Ersatzbataillone Deutschland (in PRAGUE), Germania (in HAMBURG-LANGENHORN) and from another SS Ersatz unit in APELDOORN, Holland.

10.3.42 Redesignated SS-Pz. Abt. 5 “Wiking” since Division “Reich” was being pulled out of the line in Russia and ordered to France. Since Abteilung was needed for upcoming Summer 42 offensive, the SS-Führungshauptamt decided to give it to Wiking instead.


Abteilung receives first Panzer III. Unit was organized into 3 tank companies, with Stabskompanie, as follows:

1. Kompanie: Pz III; commander: SS-Oberstuf. Schnabel
2. Kompanie: Pz III; commander: SS-Oberstuf. von Staden
3. Kompanie: Pz IV; commander: SS-Hstuf. Darges
Stabskompanie: SS-Oberstuf. Gaipel
Aufklärungszug: SS-Ustuf. Martin (equipped with Pz II)
Kradschützenzug: SS-Ustuf. Hein
Pionierzug: SS-Ustuf. Schraps
Nachrichtenzug: SS-Ustuf. Koentop

27.3.42 Abteilung has full complement of tanks, except 3. Kompanie did not receive full complement of Pz IVF2 with L/48 long gun until later. Each company consisted of 17 tanks, with 5 per platoon and 2 in company headquarters section.
18.4.42 SS-Pz. Abt. 5 “Wiking” formally incorporated into Division Wiking, then fighting on the Eastern Front. However, since it was not yet ready for combat, it continued its training in Germany.
May 42 Training complete, except for gunnery and Abteilung-level maneuvers. Abteilung moved to STAUMÜHLENLAGER Training Area near PADERBORN.
31.5.42 First large scale training exercise with entire Abteilung.
9.6.42 Training officially over; Abteilung ready for action. Begins rail movement to Eastern Front; trip lasts 8 days. 1. and 2. Kompanie complete, only part of 3. Kompanie (those equipped with short-barreled cannon) moved with Abteilung, remnant remained behind awaiting delivery of Pz IV F2.
19.6.42 SS-Pz.Abt. 5 closes at assembly area at AMVROSIEVKA near the Mius River and links up with Division Wiking for the first time.
20.6.42 Mühlenkamp attends first commanders meeting at Wiking divisional headquarters.
29.6.42 Division commander, SS-Gruf. Felix Steiner, inspects SS-Pz.Abt. 5
21.7.42 Abteilung participates in divisional attack on Rostov.
5.8.42 Abteilung seizes Kuban bridgehead at KRAPOTKIN.
19.8. -
Abteilung engaged in combat in Caucasus
15.9. -
Abteilung engaged in combat in Terek region (Caucasus foothills), begins withdrawal in wake of STALINGRAD towards ROSTOV across the Kalmuck Steppes.
7.10.42 Division mentioned in Wehrmacht Bulletin of the Day for helping to take important Soviet oil production city of MALGOBEK.
31.12.42 - 5.2.43 Abteilung engaged in defensive and offensive actions east and south of lower Don River and along the Manytsch River


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