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Already in 1942 Krupp was working on this battle tank layout. The aim was to create an "assault gun" being capable to carry the 8,8 cm Pak L/71, which had proved to be the most effective antitank weapon at that time. At first there were plans to use the chassis of the Panzer IV for the future tank destroyer, but later the planning focused on the Panther chassis  - more specifically on the chassis of the Panther II. In the meantime further development has been transferred to Daimler-Benz, and after the decision not to produce the Panther II, recent plans had to be adjusted to the existing chassis of the Panzer V "Panther". In mid-1943 the project was transferred to MIAG in Brunswick. MIAG completed the plans and presented the first two prototypes (chassis numbers V 101 and V 102) in October and November. In January 1944 production started (Chassis no. 3000001), but Allied bombing raids delayed the production, which was then distributed to three locations. Besides MIAG in Brunswick, these were MNH in Hanover and MBA Potsdam-Drewitz. Despite all the efforts made, no more than 400 units could be produced.