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mingle-mangle about technical peanuts

Here technical details are initially classified once, for which there is no suitable category on the homepage yet.




Steel wire rope (tow ropes) Ausf. A and D Ø 27mm; l = 5m
Steel wire rope (tow ropes) Ausf. G Ø 32mm; l = 8,2m
Steel wire rope (for mounting the tracks) Ø 14mm; l = 15m


Manufacturer codes linked to Panther production

bwx Ruhrstahl
ccd Demag
cdd Lokomotivenfabrik Krauss-Maffei München/Allach
amp D.H.H.V.
cwb Brandenburger Eisenwerke


Drawing numbers

Panther turret Ausf. A 021St50250
Panther turret Ausf. D 021St48950
Panther mantlet Ausf. A 021St50255


Gun cleaning wiper

stamped "ggg-1943" (Kullen & Co., Württ. Bürstenfabrik, Reutlingen)