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Field Modifications (page in progress)


Several minor modifications were incorporated into the production of the Panther. Some of these were not implemented by all manufacturers. Others seem to have been implemented by individual manufacturers or unauthorised suppliers.

There are also numerous alterations which have been independently carried out by the troops at the front.

Some of these will be presented here.


Modifications authorized by the Waffenamt

Almost every change in current production was back fitted to tanks already in use.



Steel covers over the air intake and exhaust louvres on the rear deck to increase ballistic protection; to be fabricated from side skirt material
gem. Anweisung OKH (Ch H. Rüst u BdE) vom 18. Dezember 1944; Az.76 g/4 Nr. 234559/44, AHA/In 6(Z/In) WaA/Wa Prüf 6





Modifications not authorized by the Waffenamt

  • Gun cleaning rod container mounted across the end of the rear deck
  • Spare track links on the turret sides
  • Spare roadwheels on the turret or hull sides



Field modifications (page in progress)